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August 27 2020

Launched my VA business and started my IG with 0 followers.

December 2020

Doubled my corporate income, and resigned from the 9-5 life for good.


Helping dream clients grow their online presence and showcase their talents to the world. 

Mentoring new VAs on how to start and scale an online business.

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I’ve always trusted my intuition. 

Being able to listen to my heart and find the right path is one of my strongest traits. So, when my intuition was telling me that working a corporate job was no longer serving me, I listened. I’m a Sagittarius and 3/5 generator, so it all checks out. 

This makes me a visionary and a problem-solver in a way that aligns perfectly with my clients. I take special care to protect their energy while helping them grow their business, something that often gets forgotten when it comes to rapid scaling. I have centered my business around authenticity and mindfulness, because I want to showcase what is unique about every single business I work with.






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Jenevieve | Wild Flora

I initially hired Carolina because I was getting so busy during wedding season I could barely sleep or eat, let alone make endless social posts. She came highly recommended by a friend. What I didn't expect was that immediately, with a few updates to my profile descriptions, some intelligently placed hashtags and the consistency of posting every 48 hours, my followers finally increased after a full two year plateau. Since I've been working with Carolina, my online presence has grown by leaps and bounds. Not only that, but I've reached a new found clarity in my branding and message. I cannot recommend Carolina highly enough for her knowledge and understanding of social media strategy, her professionalism and organizational skills, her calm demeanor and her overall expertise.

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